Resources Overview

Resources on healthcare waste management


Guidance Documents

  • Checklist of Facilities Generating Healthcare Waste
  • Elements of a Model Facility Policy
  • Guidance on Conducting a Baseline Assessment for a Healthcare Facility
  • Guidance on Estimating Baseline Dioxin Releases from Healthcare Facilities
  • Guidance on Measurements and Documentation
  • Core Competencies Related to Healthcare Waste Management
  • Notes on Selecting Mercury Reduction Activities
  • Technical Guidance on Replacement of Mercury Thermometers and Sphygmomanometers in Health Care
  • Method for Measuring Mercury in Ambient Air in Healthcare Facilities
  • Sample Technical Specifications for Mercury Vapor Analyzers
  • Guidance on Clean-up, Storage and Transport of Mercury Waste from Healthcare Facilities
  • Guidance on Reducing Mercury Releases from Dental Facilities
  • Guidance on Microbiological Challenge Testing of Medical Waste Autoclaves
  • Notes on Typical Maintenance Requirements for Waste Treatment Technologies
  • Sample Technical Specifications for Waste Autoclaves
  • Sample Technical Specifications for Hybrid Steam Treatment Systems
  • Sample Technical Specifications for Medical Waste Shredders
  • Compilation of Steam-Based Treatment Technology Vendors
  • Compilation of Vendors of Alkaline Hydrolysis Technologies
  • Compilation of Vendors of Frictional Heat Treatment Technologies
  • Suggested Parameters for Wastewater Analysis Related to Healthcare Facilities
  • General Guidance for the Project
  • Memorandum of Agreement Template for the Model Facility



  • Individualized Rapid Assessment Tool (I-RAT)



  • Country Reports



  • General Presentation on Dioxins/Furans
  • General Presentation on Mercury
  • General Presentation on Non-Incineration Technologies
  • General Presentation on Non-Mercury Alternatives
  • Presentation on the Ebola Response Project





  • Segregation Posters



  • Biomedical Waste Management in India (part 1)
  • Biomedical Waste Management in India (part 2)
  • Biomedical Waste Management in India (5-minute version)
  • Protecting Medical Waste Workers in Guinea



  • Improper Healthcare Waste Management Practices
  • Good Healthcare Waste Management Practices
  • Medical Waste Incinerators
  • Non-Incineration Technologies


Other Important Resources

  • Safe Management of Waste from Health-Care Activities, WHO (second edition)
  • Compendium of Technologies for the Treatment/Destruction of Healthcare Waste (UNEP)