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Guidance on Conducting a Baseline Assessment of Healthcare Facilities   This guidance lists the data needed from the model healthcare facility before the introduction of best practices and techniques related to healthcare waste management (HCWM). It also describes the rationale and procedures to gather and analyze the baseline data.

Guidance on Estimating Baseline Dioxin Releases from Healthcare Facilities  This guidance describes various methods for estimating total dioxin releases, present and/or past, prior to the intervention of the UNDP GEF project, thus establishing a baseline for the purpose of calculating cost-effectiveness.

Guidance on Measurements and Documentation  The logical framework (Log Frame) analysis and table of quantifiable indicators in the Project Document are the main basis for this guidance. It is intended for project coordinators, technical consultants, and model facility staff.

Guidance on the Cleanup, Temporary or Intermediate Storage, and Transport of Mercury Waste From Healthcare Facilities   As health facilities phase out mercury devices, proper methods of storage and transport are needed. This document is intended for project countries where national norms and guidelines for cleanup, storage, and transport of mercury waste do not exist at this time. These suggested guidelines should become part of a broader plan for sequestration and phase-out of mercury.

Guidance on Reducing Mercury Releases from Dental Facilities   This document provides a brief general guidance on best management practices and technologies to reduce mercury releases from dental departments in hospitals, private dental clinics, dental schools, dental laboratories, and other dental facilities.

Guidance on Maintaining and Calibrating Non-Mercury Clinical Thermometers and Sphygmomanometers  This guidance presents general procedures for maintaining and calibrating common types of non-mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers. General information is also provided on validation protocols for non-mercury devices.

Guidance on Microbiological Challenge Testing for Medical Waste Autoclaves   This document provides a microbiological challenge test protocol for validation testing of gravity-displacement or vacuum autoclaves used for the treatment of medical waste.

Guidance on Selecting Equipment for Use in Participating Hospitals or Clinics   The purpose of this activity is to obtain information to help the Global Project Team, in consultation with the National Consultant and others, to specify the non-incineration treatment technology appropriate for each country.

Guidance on Technical Specifications for Non-Mercury Devices   The replacement of mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers is a major step towards mercury-free health care. These two devices are the largest sources of mercury releases from the health sector. This guidance presents technical specifications for non-mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers which may be used by health ministries and facilities in developing Terms of Reference for procurement or tender documents.  See also the WHO technical guidance Replacement of mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers in health care.

General Guidance for the Project  This document provides a brief general guidance for the UNDP GEF project and its various components.